Valentine's Day Activities

Looking for some unique ways to celebrate Valentine's day? Here are a few of our favorite activities from the archives.


{1} Spray Painted Valentines
{2} DIY Heart Stampers Made with Building Blocks
{3} Tissue Paper Heart Collage on our Glass Back Door
{4} Hanging Yarn Heart Ornaments
{5} Tissue Paper and Watercolor Heart Wreath
{6} Crunchy Baked Apple Chips with Heart Cutouts Spray Painted Valentine's Cards

One of my  personal favorites are the "batik" hearts we made last year. Liquid watercolors, salt and blue school gel - my artistic trio of choice!


Winter Woods Trek

Hooray for snow! Just enough snow fell that we were able to enjoy its beauty without grumbling about cold toes and plowing woes.

Above is a picture out our living room window of our "frog pond." Remember the tadpoles we watched develop in the spring? They are now sound asleep in the muck at the bottom of the pond, I'm sure they're enjoying their long nap!